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5 Oral Hygiene Tips to Maintain the Health of Your Teeth

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Ever heard someone say the phrase ‘give a big, bright smile’? Being told you have nice teeth is a compliment that can keep you smiling for days. However, for some patients it may be hard to give a bright smile when they have discolored yellow teeth. Maintaining a healthy oral health requires a lifetime of care, that’s why it’s important to have a complete dental routine and take the right steps each day if you want to prevent dental problems.  Here are some oral hygiene tips for you to follow.

1. Brush Your Teeth

The importance of brushing your teeth has been established time and time again by our parents, teachers, and even peers. It is crucial that you brush your teeth at least twice a day, starting this habit from a very early age. Place the toothbrush at such an angle that you clean both your teeth and your gums at the same time. Also, remember to clean the inner surfaces of both your teeth and your gums. Ensure that you brush your gums lightly; otherwise, they will start bleeding. Practicing good brushing habits is essential. Changing your toothbrush regularly (between two and three months) is crucial. In doing so, you are able to maximize more efficient brushing techniques. Lastly, be sure you are brushing your back molars as those areas are often the most forgotten to brush.

2. Clean Your Mouth

Have you ever heard someone emphasize on the importance of cleaning your whole mouth? Yes, your teeth aren’t the only thing in your mouth; your tongue, your gums and the roof of your mouth account for a lot too. So, when you lather toothpaste on your brush, don’t forget to brush your tongue or the roof of your mouth.

After you’re done brushing your teeth, there are specially made tooth brushes that you can use the back of the brush to clean the surface of your tongue and the roof of your mouth. This is great as it will help get rid of bad breath-causing bacteria. Don’t attack your mouth with the bristle as this will cause more harm than good.  Purchasing tongue scrapper is also another alternative to brushing the surface of your tongue.

3. Floss Regularly

Brushing is not an entirely holistic approach towards complete oral hygiene; it is just a part of it. Brushing your teeth cleans the surface of your teeth but fails to penetrate the spaces between your teeth. This is where flossing comes in.

Flossing helps clean up the food residue and other substances that are stuck between your teeth, especially when you eat things such as meat. Flossing is as important as brushing and should be done at least once a day. The importance of flossing is always overlooked, flossing acts as a defense mechanism against gum disease and allows for stronger and healthier looking teeth. The lack of flossing is often quite common especially in young adults. Keeping up with regular flossing habits will help avoid gum disease all together.

4. Restrict the Intake of Sodas, Alcohol and Tobacco

Tobacco can have a detrimental effect on your teeth and your mouth. It causes bad breath, makes your teeth yellow and also causes oral cancer. Additionally, consuming sweet items to mask the tobacco smell will worsen the damage to your teeth.

Soda and alcohol are also bad news for your teeth as they contain phosphorous. Too much phosphorus ends up depleting the calcium levels in your body, causing severe oral health problems such as tooth decay. When consuming these drinks, try to use a straw so that they’re not in direct contact with your teeth.

5. Visit the Dentist Regularly

Incorporating the tips mentioned above does not mean you do not have to visit the dentist for your dental checkups. You should visit a general dentist regularly for dental checkups as they will know if there are any dental concerns. Be sure to visit your dentist twice a year (that’s once every six months). Most dentist offices cover majority insurance and have payment plans for those who do not have insurance to receive better and affordable dental care.

Are you looking for a highly rated general dentist in Henderson? If so, then contact our dentist office Whitney Ranch Dental. We offer general dental services in Henderson, NV and specialize in orthodontics, restorative dentistry and emergency dentistry. To book your appointment contact us at (702) 829-7499 or visit

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5 Signs You Need Professional Teeth Cleaning

teeth cleaning henderson nv

Every individual needs a professional teeth cleaning at least once in their lifetime at minimum simply because brushing and flossing alone aren’t enough. There are billions of tiny food particles and bacteria that our mouths are exposed to everyday that can form outside our control.  Once you stop visiting your dentist for your professional dental cleanings, the bacteria activates and starts to grow.  This scenario is eventually worse for your oral health and hygiene. At this moment, you need to seek a professional dentist.

Professional teeth cleaning procedures can be performed by your general or family dentist. While teeth cleaning procedures are also a part of preventive dentistry, there are some signs that tell you that you need to opt for teeth cleaning as soon as possible. Thankfully, our office provides affordable payment options as well as coverage for patients who have PPO insurance. Being able to accommodate our patients not only benefits our customers from a price standpoint, but also reinstates proper dental hygiene habits along with continuous follow up appointments to maximize your teeth cleanings and dental procedures (if needed).

If you notice any of the signs mentioned below, then you may need a teeth cleaning immediately.

Are Your Gums Swollen?

Gums are the most sensitive and vulnerable part of your mouth. Any sort of bacteria, plaque, or tartar that enters your mouth first affects the gums. Gums react naturally yet aggressively to any kind of bacteria build-up, which results in gum inflammation and bleeding. If your gums start to swell or look red, then you need a deep cleaning.

You may notice pain in your gums or see bleeding when you brush your teeth, which is a sign of gum infection. Neglecting gum health impacts the surface of the teeth and cause further problems that lead to tooth decay.

Is Your Bad Breath Driving People Away?

Bad breath can be embarrassing for your social life and your reputation. It drives people away and can make you feel highly self-conscious. Notably, you may not be able to notice your bad breath, but others can. People may stop standing too close to you, or worse, even stop talking to you. One of the major causes of bad breath is build-up of plaque and tartar in the mouth. When food particles or bacteria are stuck in between teeth or on the surface of the gums, they give off a bad odor. Hence, a professional teeth cleaning is a simple solution to get rid of bad breath and maintain oral hygiene.

Do You Notice Signs of Decay?

Plaque, bacteria, and tartar build-up eventually cause tooth decay. Some common signs of tooth decay are mild or sharp pain, sensitivity to cold or hot treats, bleeding, or visible stains. If you start noticing tartar or stains on your teeth, it may be an early sign of tooth decay. In order to prevent it, the best thing to do is to go for professional teeth cleaning to get rid of all the bacteria causing the decay. Constant teeth cleaning practices may also reduce the risk of tooth decay.

Are Your Teeth Sensitive to Cold/Hot Treats?

High teeth sensitivity to cold or hot treats is another sign that you need deep cleaning. Your teeth feel pain and discomfort every time you eat something cold such as ice cream, milkshakes, or snow cones. If your teeth feel a buzz, which is not too delightful whenever you have such foods, it means you need professional cleaning. In addition, if you are experiencing tooth sensitivity to hot beverages such as coffee and tea, then you need a professional cleaning. Teeth sensitivity is due to the wearing down of enamel and tiny microscopic tubes below the enamel become exposed.

Are Your Teeth Stains Affecting Your Confidence?

White and sparkling teeth greatly boost your confidence and self-esteem. It is also an alarming sign for your oral hygiene that your teeth start losing their natural enamel. Teeth cleaning is a great way to give your teeth back their natural whiteness and for you to bring back your natural confident ‘bright’ smile. A dentist will clear away all tartar that causes the stains. Because dentists are equipped with the necessary tools they can clean the surface of your teeth and bring out their true whiteness. This in turn, will brighten the most important feature of your face, the smile. Having a whiter better smile will result in higher confidence levels and satisfaction.

Whitney Ranch Dental is a great general dentistry for teeth cleaning in Henderson. You can schedule dental checkups and teeth cleanings online through our website

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10 Facts About Teeth Whitening Everyone Should Know

Teeth whitening in Henderson NV

Teeth whitening is a dental procedure that produces a whiter and brighter smile by removing stains and natural discoloration. Even though it is one of the most popular procedures in dentistry, there are often misconceptions about how it works. Some myths include rubbing fruit on your teeth or even using baking soda for a whiter smile. These are not true, rubbing fruit on your teeth (strawberries, banana peels, and lemons) may damage your teeth. Doing this will stain your teeth and remove enamel due to the acids found in the fruits.  Another myth is that when teeth are whitened, they stay whitened forever. Drinks such as coffee, tea, and red whine can stain your teeth even after post whitening treatments. Although these can cause stains on your teeth, you don’t have to completely refrain from drinking these drinks. Drinking from a straw will reduce the chance of teeth stains. Keeping up with your teeth whitening procedures every few months will ensure you keep your white smile.

In order to fully understand a teeth whitening procedure, a list of ten facts can be found below. Here we discuss the different misconceptions for teeth whitening procedures and make it easier for you to choose which process works better for you.

1. Teeth Absorb Food

It is a less-known fact that our teeth have pores just like our skin and they absorb the elements we expose them to, such as food and beverages. All food items that have a strong color or active staining ingredients react with the teeth and can therefore darken or discolor them. These foods include dark foods and beverages such as coffee, wine, dark berries, etc.

2. Teeth Whitening Is Completely Safe

A teeth whitening procedure is safe as long as you don’t overdo it. Whether you get the procedure done professionally or use an at home kit, the process opens pores and clears the stains. But just remember that opting for this procedure again and again will not benefit you.

3. Teeth Whitening Results Depend on the Delivery Device

If you want your teeth whitening procedure to be successful, you need to pick the right delivery device. While most whitening products use the same active ingredients, the device used plays a greater role. Professionally, a custom-fitted whitening tray will be used, which is the most effective and consistent method. Other devices, such as UV lights and whitening strips, can be inconsistent and unreliable.

4. Custom-fitted Whitening Trays Cost up to $500

Teeth whitening in Henderson, NV, costs a hefty amount of money, around $500 or more. So if you are planning to get whitening trays, save up and plan ahead of time.

5. Teeth Whitening Causes Sensitivity

It is normal to have sensitive teeth after a professional or at home kit teeth whitening procedure. The procedure dehydrates the teeth and reduces their ability to insulate the nerve that reacts to temperature. The sensitive feeling can last up to 36 hours after the procedure.

6. UV Light or Laser Whitening is Temporary

UV light and laser are both commonly used for teeth whitening; however, these procedures are temporary yet quick. They are not good for people who have sensitive teeth. If you want quick teeth whitening, consult your dentist.

7. Teeth Whitening is Not an Overnight Process

Whichever procedure or technique you use, you need to remember that the teeth whitening process takes time. The procedures or products that give fast results are mostly unreliable and full of chemicals that are ultimately bad for your teeth.

8. Veneers Cannot be Whitened

One thing everyone must know before going for teeth whitening is that your artificial teeth caps or veneers cannot be whitened. They can get stains on them, but their synthetic color cannot be changed.

9. Teeth Whitening Should Be Done Before Bed

If you are opting for at-home teeth whitening kits, the best time to use them is right before you go to bed. The night is the best time for your teeth to start rehydrating and remineralizing, so you get the best results.

10. Yellow Teeth Are Perfectly Normal

It is essential to know and understand that teeth are naturally yellow-ish. You cannot expect perfectly white teeth throughout your life. Teeth whitening procedure is only suitable when you want to remove stains and discoloration that has occurred unnaturally.

Whitney Ranch Dental offers many services such as teeth cleaning or teeth whitening in Henderson, NV. You can find more about us on our website:

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What is an Emergency Dentist and What Are the Services They Offer?

Emergency dentist Henderson NV

Dental emergencies can be devastating and overwhelming.  There can be many types of dental emergencies including: broken, chipped, or knocked out teeth due to a physical accident and any sort of pain in the tooth or jawbone. The first thing you should do when suffering through a dental emergency is to call an emergency dentist.

What is an Emergency Dentist?

An emergency dentist is a regular dentist who is trained to deal with emergency situations. They are certified and licensed after completing their Bachelors in Dentistry. Emergency dentists may have their own practices in dental office as well, but they also have a set time to deal with dental emergencies.

Emergency dentists are mostly available on call. They may be called in at the ER of a hospital to deal with patients who have gone through a car accident or suffered a fall or any other kind of physical pain.

Nowadays, most dentists provide emergency dental services alongside their dental office as well. Your emergency dentist can be your family dentist as they are available on call to address your dental concerns. If you face a dental emergency you must call your emergency dentist right away. If you don’t have one contact the nearest emergency dentist office and check their availability.

What to Expect from an Emergency Dentist?

Once you have booked and reached the emergency dentist’s office, you can expect an initial examination. You must mention all of your symptoms to the emergency dentist so that they can prescribe and provide the most appropriate treatment.

If you have to undergo a dental surgery, root canal, extraction or any other specialized dental treatment don’t expect the emergency dentist to carry out the procedure then and there. Chances are that the dentist will relieve your pain or prescribe medication and book an appointment for you with the specialist.

When going to the emergency dentist do not expect free dental care unless you have emergency dental insurance. In fact, before going you must have your complete medical history (unless it’s your family dentist) and complete documents for insurance.

Emergency Dental Services

Dental emergencies can result in life-threatening situations. An emergency dentist will prescribe painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, and antibiotics to reduce your symptoms and eliminate the infection. If you are experiencing dental pain or issues but don’t know if you should call an emergency dentist here are scenarios that do require emergency care.

A Broken or Chipped Tooth

If you have a fractured or broken tooth the first recommendation is to rinse your mouth with warm salt water to clean the gums and help relieve pain. An emergency dentist can save the tooth if you bring the dislodged tooth with you to the visit.

A Missing Crown

It may seem like a minor issue to lose a crown but that is a common dental emergency that requires fast treatment. If you notice that a crown is missing, head for our emergency dental office in Henderson NV to repair or replace the crown.

Severe Toothache

Toothaches are another common reason that patients receive emergency dental services. A toothache may occur suddenly or slowly build over time. This issue shouldn’t be ignored until your next check-up because it could be the cause of a more concerning issue.

Gums That Bleed Easily

If your gums start to bleed you need an emergency dentist to examine the area for signs of a larger issue.

Knocked-Out or Removed Tooth

An abscessed tooth due to a fall or forceful damage to your teeth is a dental emergency that should require immediate treatment. It is possible to save your tooth by storing it in a container full of milk and bringing the tooth with you to the dentist.

Exposed Nerves

An exposed nerve in your tooth will require a visit to the emergency dentist because it is usually one of the most painful issues. The Emergency dentists can apply desensitizing medication or fluoride gels to the gum area and treat any gum disease to help reduce the pain and cause of the exposed nerve.

Whitney Ranch Dental offers emergency dental services in Henderson, NV. We have dental professionals that are trained to deal with complicated emergency situations with care and skill. Our dentists also ensure that patients are given a friendly environment where they can feel comfortable. If you are looking for an emergency dentist in Henderson, NV visit our website to learn more about our emergency dental services

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3 Common General Dental Procedures You Need to Know About

Teeth cleaning in Henderson NV

With so many options available nowadays, you might be confused as to which type of dentist performs the dental procedure you need. A general dentist is your first line of defense against basic oral health issues. They are responsible for preventive and restorative dental procedures.

However, general dentists are also certified and trained to carry out certain procedures including cosmetic treatments. General dentists can perform these procedures with additional training and workshops in the related fields. If they are not certified to perform the tasks, they will most likely refer you to a specialist.

If you wish to learn more about dentistry, here are the most common procedures that are performed by general dentists today.

1. Teeth Whitening

Many people across the globe visit dentists to fix the color of their teeth. Teeth whitening has thus become a very common procedure that brightens your smile and changes your appearance for the good. While teeth whitening can be associated to cosmetic dentistry, many general dentists are also certified and trained to perform treatments to whiten your teeth.

Your teeth can naturally darken over time or get stained due to certain foods or beverages, such as coffee and tea. Aside from that though smoking will also cause your teeth to start yellowing. There are many options for teeth whitening in Henderson NV including over the counter products but a treatment done by a professional general dentist will always provide you with the best results.

2. Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleanings are among the most well-known practices in general dentistry. No matter how good you are about brushing and flossing your teeth every day, you still need to visit the dentist every 6 months. Dental cleanings are among the several different types of cleanings you can receive among others such as regular dental cleanings, deep cleanings, and dental debridement.

Regular teeth cleanings in Henderson NV can save you from many oral health problems in the future. It’s common for plaque and tartar to build up in your teeth therefore causing gum problems, bad breath, and poor oral health. Deep teeth cleaning in Henderson NV is performed to remove bacteria and hardened plaque from the gum line and teeth roots, leaving your teeth and mouth healthier.

3. Root Canals

A root canal is another common procedure that general dentists perform. The procedure can be mild or severe; depending on how badly the infection has progressed.  Due to this treatment is needed to save a tooth that has been badly infected or decayed. The root canal treatment is performed to protect and save the exposed nerves of the tooth that cause the infection to grow and worsen. The procedure involves cleaning the inside of the tooth and then sealing the tissue and nerves. In some cases, the damaged tissue is removed and the remaining tooth is cleaned.

4. Orthodontics

Orthodontics is the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of common dental problems such as crooked teeth, over-crowding, over or under bites, and other issues. At our dental office we utilize clear aligners called Invisalign® that can solve these issues and are less invasive than traditional braces.

5. Dental Filling Procedures

Dental fillings are a common procedure that most people experience in their lifetime. Dental fillings are used to treat cavities, repair cracked or broken teeth, and teeth that may have lost enamel overtime. Here is the common procedure steps for receiving a dental filling:

  1. Receive a topical anesthetic to numb the area of treatment
  2. Remove any decay from the teeth
  3. Use a composite or amalgam filling to restore tooth
  4. Bite check to make sure your teeth align properly

6. Emergency Dental Care

Here are guidelines on how to handle common oral discomforts and injuries, and when these require emergency dental care or services:

  • Toothache: Visit our dentist as soon as possible to identify the issue.
  • Broken, chipped or cracked tooth: If the tooth was broken or chipped, bring the tooth fragment wrapped in a wet towel and visit the dentist immediately.
  • Loosened or knocked-out tooth: If your tooth becomes loose due to trauma, visit our dental office. If the tooth is dirty gently run water on the root to clean.
  • Broken Jaw: Use a cold compress on the area that is broken. Go to your dentist or an emergency room immediately.

There are many other procedures that a general dentist can provide. These include regular checkups and preventive care procedures.

If you are looking for other procedures that a general dentist performs, Whitney Ranch provides general dental services that include teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, fillings, crowns and dental bridges. All our procedures are carried out by trained and certified general dentists.

You can find more about our services on

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What is a Family Dentist and Why You Need One

Family Dentist in Henderson

When it comes to your family, dental care is something you should never compromise. Dental problems are normally an unexpected event, so having a local family dentist can often be beneficial. Having a Family dentist is also great for receiving regular oral care which helps with preventing further complications if issue is left untreated.

What is a Family Dentist?

Put simply, a family dentist is a dentist you choose to take care of your entire family’s dental health. Unlike other dentists, a family dentist will usually perform a wide array of treatments and procedures while also ensuring that your entire family gets regular dental checkups. Many dentists will prefer to be a family dentist since they get to work with all of the members of the family. They find it easier to keep track of their patients, stay connected with them, and even understand their genetic history.

Why Do You Need a Family Dentist

Would you like to skip the hassle of having to book an appointment with different dentists every time a family member needs dental care? If yes, that’s exactly why you need a family dentist. A family dentist will make access to dental care so much easier.

1. Personalized Approach

Whether it’s your dentist or any other kind of doctor, it’s always better when you have a personal relationship. It makes them understand your concerns better and makes you feel more comfortable when sharing information. A family dentist will establish a personalized approach with you, which will make dental checkups and dentist appointments rather easier to catch up on. In fact, a family dentist will also be a good counselor for your children, making it fun for them to go to dentist appointments.

2. Variety of Services

A family dentist ensures that you get all your treatments and services done from the same place. If they aren’t able to perform some treatments, they typically will typically refer you out to a trusted peer. This means you can trust one person to get all your dental procedures, eliminating the hassle of going from one dentist to another. Since they also know the family history, a family dentist will also be able to perform treatments faster, since they can skip all the other pre-treatment procedures.

3. Flexibility and Availability

The best part about a family dentist is that they will prioritize your family and give you the times that are suitable for you. They have convenient hours and they can customize their appointments according to your schedule. They are also your emergency dentists as they are always on call and available for you.

Benefits of Childhood Dental Care

It is recommended to bring your child to the dentist when their first tooth emerges or after their first birthday. Having a local family dentist makes it easy for your child to feel comfortable and get used to visiting the dentist.

  • Early childhood dental care can be educational for parents so they understand how to properly brush their child’s teeth and gums during infancy and the toddler years.
  • The dentist can provide an exam to look for signs of congenital dental problems, including hypodontia which are missing teeth and supernumerary extra teeth.
  • Maintaining dental appointments can keep the child’s teeth clean therefore preventing decay.

Dental Services We Offer – Henderson Family Dentist

  • Orthodontics – which refers to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of dental problems including misaligned teeth, crowding, spacing, over and under bites, and other issues a patient may have with their smile. To correct these issues we utilize clear aligners (Invisalign®) that are less invasive compared to traditional braces.
  • Restorative Dentistry – If you are interested in restoring the health, strength, or aesthetic appeal of your smile, we proudly offer various restorative dental treatments including: teeth whitening, dental implants, dentures, and many other great ways to achieve the quality smile you deserve.
  • Emergency Dentistry –Whitney Ranch Dental provides emergency dental services so our patients that have severe pain can quickly see our dentist for relief. We offer emergency dentistry appointments, treatments, and immediate information. For more information on emergency dental services in Henderson, NV, call (702) 233-2787

Schedule an Appointment Today

Whitney Ranch Dental offers you various services provided by our family dentist. If you are looking for a family dentist in Henderson, NV visit our website today to schedule an appointment.

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What is a General Dentist and What Services Do They Offer

General Dentisty Henderson

Swollen gums, bad breath, chipped or broken teeth, or a yellow smile – surely no one likes to deal with any of these dental issues. While your oral hygiene is the key to a healthy body, it is also the first thing people notice when you talk to them. You certainly don’t want these oral health problems to form the first impression you leave on people.

Most importantly your general dentist will always tell you that your oral health cannot be ignored.  A general dentist is a person you would go to for all your small or big oral health issues. A general dentist typically holds three or four-year undergraduate degree from a dental college. They are not specialized in any one area. Instead, they provide all professional dental services such as root canals, gum diseases, dental implants, dentures, scaling, polishing, etc.

These services can be classified into three categories – preventive, restorative, and emergency care.

When Do You Need a General Dentist?

Well, anytime and all the time! A general dentist is there for your primary oral health checkups. They do not specifically work with children or adults – they are general – and you can go to them for a routine dental checkup at any time.

What Services Do They Offer

1.    Preventive Care

It is highly unlikely that you would look for a dentist who has specialized in a certain area when you only need a general checkup. A general dentist is the one who will provide you with the essential preventive care guidelines and measures according to your oral health needs. Scaling, polishing, and regular examinations are all parts of preventive care. A complete checkup conducted under a general dentist would also include x-rays and scans.

2.    Restorative Care

Your general dentist will be able to diagnose, treat, and restore your oral health issues. After finding the problem through the general checkup, the general dentist will go forward with the required treatment and provide you with restorative care measures. They will also follow-up on the treatment and ensure the problem doesn’t reoccur.

3.    Emergency Care

Yes, a general dentist is the one you go to when you or your child is going through a dental emergency. The majority of dental offices with emergency services in the U.S. are run by general dentists. They are available 24/7 for your dental emergencies; while dentists with specializations only work on scheduled appointments. Emergency care will include providing instant relief medication, injections or carrying out the required medical procedure. When needed, General Dentists can also perform emergency oral surgeries.

5 Characteristics You Should Look For in a General Dentist

1 – A Dentist Who Educates Patients

A dentist who is willing to make each visit an educational experience helps the patient understand why oral care is important and what they can do to improve daily maintenance. Our dentist at Whitney Ranch is here to answer any questions and share tips with each patient so improvements can be made.

2 – A Friendly Office and Staff

If a visit to the dentist causes you anxiety, our staff is here to offer assistance to make you feel at ease during your visit. One way to alleviate any anxiety is our clean and inviting dental office with a friendly staff.

3 – Credentialed Dentist

Learn about your dentist’s credentials and education in the industry to feel assured that he or she has been properly trained to provide the services that are offering.

4 – Advanced Technology

In general, a dental office that uses the latest technology in the industry shows that the dentists have the most effective tools available. Utilizing the latest dental technology can often make the procedure go by easier and faster.

5 – Read Reviews

One of the easiest ways to feel more comfortable about your dentist is to read online reviews. Our dental office at Whitney Ranch has many positive reviews on both Google and Yelp. We enjoy receiving feedback from our patient’s and are happy to see the positive experiences.

The Dental Experts

Whitney Ranch Dental offers you general dentist services in all three categories. Our dental experts provide you and your family with professional services at affordable rates. For us, your oral health is the top priority. We assure all customers to walk out of our office with happy, healthy smiles that they can confidently flaunt.

We promise to bring smiles back. Call (702) 233-2787 today to book an appointment or know more about our emergency services. You can also visit our website –

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Children Dentistry: Oral Healthcare Tips

Dentistry for Children in Henderson

If you want your children to have healthy teeth and gums throughout their lives, you must encourage healthy oral habits from a very young age. Throughout their early years, the primary purpose is to keep your child’s teeth free of cavities. If this isn’t taken care of, then their ability to eat and speak may be affected. Plus, it can affect their confidence levels as well.

So follow our dental care tips for children and ensure healthy teeth and gums. This information is provided by our Whitney Ranch Dentists located in Henderson Nevada.

Get Regular Checkups

This is one of the most effective dental care tips for children. Checkups should be regular, usually twice a year or as your dentist advises you. Early preventative measures prevent potential issues from becoming a major concern, while also helping you save money.

Make sure the 1st trip to the dentist is a great one. Make sure there’s a treasure chest for them to choose a gift at the end of your visit or promise them a something fun after the visit. This can help ensure a positive association with going to the dentist – instead of the deep fear and loathing most adults associate with going to the dentist.

Teach Proper Brushing and Flossing Techniques

Brushing is important for good oral health, even when your child doesn’t have teeth. Gently brush their gums and tongue, either with a baby toothbrush or a damp washcloth. Once their teeth grow, you can use an infant toothbrush for brushing their teeth as well as their tongue. Use fluoride toothpaste for the purpose.

As for flossing, this should start when two teeth begin to touch each other. Ideally, your dentist can guide you about proper brushing and flossing techniques, so do get in touch with them. You can do this together and make a game of it – so your child is asking you to floss and brush together.

Brush in the Morning and at Night

Make sure that your brush your child’s teeth before you put them to bed. And once you do, don’t give them anything to eat and drink, even milk till the next morning, after you’ve brushed their teeth again.

If your child still drinks milk from a bottle, please don’t give them anything right before their bedtime. The same goes for juices and other sugary liquids. They can remain on the surface of the teeth, paving the way for bacterial growth.

Reduce Their Juice Intake

How many ounces of juice do you give your child every day? Limit this to only 4 ounces, because anything in greater quantities, is unhealthy and can cause tooth decay.

Don’t Depend Too Much on the Sippy Cup

Does your child drink from a sippy cup? Avoid using it too much because that can again lead to decay if your child uses it throughout the day or if they are using a sippy cup – make sure it’s just water.

Throw Away the Pacifier

If your child has crossed the age of 3, they should not be using a pacifier anymore. This can affect the growth of their teeth, and in some cases, may even change their mouth shape. Talk to your dentist, and ask them to conduct an examination if your child has used pacifiers even after 3 years.

Why Baby Teeth Matter

Baby teeth are important to your child’s oral health and development into their permanent teeth. The baby teeth hold space in the jaws for permanent teeth that are growing underneath their gums. If a baby tooth becomes loose and falls out early, the permanent teeth can move into the empty space and make it difficult for the permanent teeth to find room when they come in.

Visit the Dentist at an Early Age

From a child’s perspective, going to the dentist can cause anxiousness because the unfamiliar noises and instruments in their mouth can be scary. The earlier a child visits the dentist, the calmer they will be and become comfortable because they have visited before. By teaching your child that visiting the dentist is important and not an optional choice they will get comfortable with visiting for checkups.  It can also be helpful to explain how the dentist will take care of their teeth so that they can help prevent additional issues such as root canals, abscessed (loose) teeth or gum disease. It is easy to explain that the dentist helps keep cavities from appearing often and ensures they will have a beautiful smile.

So which of these dental care tips for children have you already been practicing?

Whitney Ranch Dental offers dentistry for children in Henderson, Nevada and surrounding areas. Visit us regularly so that we can examine your child’s teeth and ensure their oral health isn’t affected by tooth decay, cavities or other issues. For more information, call our practice today at (702) 233-2787 or book an appointment with one of your dental professionals via our appointment booking page.

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